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Poetry has always been groundbreaking, inspiring, and needed, but very few readers are even aware of the work being published today. In an effort to make poetry more accessible and easier to find, I created this website to feature weekly poems by contemporary poets with links to a variety of literary journals and magazines for viewers to explore. Also, to help catalog some of my favorite reads throughout the pandemic years, I added contemporary poetry book recommendations with links for where to find them from independent bookstores. This project ended in May 2022 but poetry is still thriving, so keep reading!


Find Publishing Opportunities at ENTROPY

Find Writing Programs, Residencies, and More at AWP

poetry itself has always been good for us, and good to us, because contemporary American poetry nourishes and enlivens and congregates and educates and in some cases even saves us the very same way poetry has always done for those with the willingness to stop speaking and listen.

~Seth Abramson

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